3 Things You Should Do When Your Car Breaks Down

The last place you want to be on a hot, summer day is on the side of a road. Having your vehicle break down on you is one of the most dreadful and stressful situations to be in. If you panic and don't know how to handle the problem, it can worsen the damage to your car or even lead to accidents. The most important thing to do is stay calm and follow these steps to stay safe. Here are three things you should absolutely do when your vehicle breaks down: 


Switch On Your Emergency/Hazard Lights

It is always important to remember to turn on your hazard lights to signal to other people on the road that something is wrong. This form of communication allows other drivers to be aware of your condition and maintain a safe and considerable distance around you.


Get Off the Road

If you notice that your car is about to break down, you need to veer to the right of the road. This area is also known as the road shoulder. The shoulder is a secure area that will let you calm down and call for help. Make sure you turn off the car once you are on the side of the road.


Remain Seated In Your Vehicle

At this point, we highly suggest that you stay in your car with your seat belt on. This is a safer option for several reasons. Depending on the road you are on, you could get hurt if you attempt to step out of your car. Furthermore, if you leave your vehicle stranded after calling for roadside assistance, they can't serve you unless the driver is present. 


To prevent your car from breaking down on you, regularly take your car into the shop for proper maintenance. Don't procrastinate or wait until you experience car problems to have your car serviced. Our certified technicians at Carencro Automotive Service Center will take care of your car and ensure you leave with a safe, operating vehicle. Give us a call or visit our shop today.