How to Maximize Your MPG this Summer

Gasoline is becoming a costly expense for many Americans, and it seems like the prices keep hiking up this summer. Whether you are traveling on a road trip or simply heading back into the office, you should do your best to get the most out of your gas mileage. The way you use your car heavily impacts your miles per gallon (MPG). Fortunately, there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can do to boost your fuel economy. Where should you start?


Pay Closer Attention to Your Tires

There is more to tire maintenance than just your tire pressure. It would be best to be more mindful of your tire tread, wheel alignment, and wheel balance. Specifically, an uneven tread can take a significant hit on your MPG. 


Avoid Excessive Braking

Most people keep their foot on the brake pedal for precautionary measures. However, you should avoid doing it often. Every time you put the slightest pressure on the pedal, you are wasting extra gas.


Drive Steadier

Studies show that driving slower and at a steady pace can yield huge savings. Think about it - every time you ramp up your RPM while accelerating, you're consuming more fuel. 

Pro Tip: Utilize your cruise control feature whenever you hit the highway and travel long distances. Cruise control can save you some money by moving your vehicle at a constant speed. Additionally, it will also prevent you from speeding.


Clean Out Your Car

It would be best if you got into the habit of cleaning out your cabin and trunk. Excess weight in your vehicle creates drag on the motor engine and will result in higher gas consumption. Avoid carrying and storying heavy items in your car.


The last step you should take to maximize your MPG is to take your car into an auto repair shop for regular maintenance. Our certified mechanics can conduct a complete inspection of your vehicle. We can help uncover any underlying areas that are affecting your low gas mileage. If you believe that your car is not reaching the fuel mileage it should, we invite you to take it to Carencro Automotive Center LLC!