Vehicle Battery Care Tips

Keeping your battery properly maintained and in top shape should be one of your top priorities as a driver. Without a working battery, your car would simply not start. We've gathered a collection of best tips when it comes to car batteries:

Avoid Taking Too Short of Trips

A fundamental concept to remember is that your battery recharges when the car is running (by the alternator). And if you're taking many short trips that involve the constant and starting of your engine, your battery won't get a chance to charge.

Keep It Clean

Periodically examining your battery for a buildup of dust and corrosion can prolong its life and improve its performance. If you notice any corrosive substances on the terminals, you should clean it off immediately. Be sure to wear gloves and consult the owner's manual for further guidance. If you're uncertain of your battery health, be sure to bring your car in for a proper check-up, diagnosis, and repair.

Don't Be Cheap 

While you're not required to buy a high-performance battery (in some cases), don't skimp out on your buy either. Cheaper batteries are inexpensive for a reason; they may have a shorter life, less power, and may leak or corrode in little time. You want to search for a battery with an excellent warranty to avoid headaches.

Gain an Understanding of Battery Terminals

Not all batteries have universal indications when it comes to the positive and negative pole terminals. In most cases, batteries use red and yellow to denote the difference. Whenever you replace your battery, you should look and familiarize yourself with the battery's terminals. It'll be beneficial whenever you need to use your car to jump-start a friend or family's dead battery.

Avoid Draining Your Battery

Sitting in a parked car with the engine off and all electrical components running (headlights on, while charging multiple devices, etc.) is a recipe for disaster. Depending on the life and quality of your battery, you could be out of power in minutes.


If you suspect you have a weakened battery, please visit Carencro Automotive Center. Our ASE-certified techs can run tests and determine whether you need a replacement. We invite you to visit our shop in Carencro, LA, today!