What is a Cooling System Flush?

The fuel in your engine gets converted to heat energy that keeps your vehicle in motion. In fact, this is just how cars get going in the first place. Fuel is the food that feeds your car, but without a cooling system in good, working order, its metabolism will not slow down.

A good cooling system is precisely what keeps the engine in check so that it doesn't overheat and cause damage to your car. But on the same token, it also prevents your system from getting too cold, which is when pollutants are most likely to enter your engine. Yet coolant can collect contaminants of its own over time, and that is the very reason to get an entire cooling system or radiator flush.

That said, what is a cooling system flush? It's simply when a mechanic flushes out your entire radiator, then replaces it with brand new fluid. Most coolants collect rust, grime, and other particles over time and lead to other issues with your engine. In fact, failure to get a proper radiator flush can not only result in your engine overheating but may bring on severe freezing during times when your car is not in use, and that leads to serious damage as well.

Changing your radiator fluid can help prevent all of the above issues from cropping up over time. It can also help in greatly reducing the onset of rust and corrosion within your engine and keep all parts running smoothly, which is another reason why you should get this done on a routine basis.

When you notice the high-temperature gauge coming on, you'll know that your vehicle is overheating. Or you may notice a sweet aroma like pancake syrup, which is the antifreeze burning at a rapid rate. Both are signs that you need to have your radiator inspected right away.

Getting your coolant flushed is something that you should do every spring. This is so that your vehicle is prepared to tackle the heat of summer. If you know you need a coolant flush, simply bring your vehicle to our shop today!