Which Option Is Right For Me?: Transmission Repair, Rebuilt, or Replacement

Vehicle transmission issues or failures can happen at any moment for a multitude of reasons. Your options for fixing your car's transmission include repairing, rebuilding, or replacing it. If you are offered these choices, it will help you understand the distinctions between these types of services.

When to Consider a Transmission Repair

A car's transmission consists of countless parts. Each component of the transmission is essential to its process. A transmission repair will restore only the pieces needed to get your transmission back up and running. The one weakness with a repair is it may not answer an underlying issue. Repairs work best when the problem is a surface level or minor. However, a transmission rebuild may be a more suitable option if the technician has to dig deeper into the transmission to find the issue.

When to Consider a Transmission Rebuild

A transmission rebuild involves an expert taking apart the entire transmission. During this intricate process, the tech can inspect each part and inspect for damage and wear. After the teardown and applicable repairs and cleaning, the technician will carefully rebuild the transmission and reinstall it back in your vehicle. The rebuild process is more labor-intensive than the repairs. When a transmission has endured too much damage, repairing and rebuilding are no longer feasible options. 

When to Consider a Transmission Replacement

Replacing the transmission altogether can sometimes be the best option in the long run. An important thing to know about transmission replacement is that you may not receive a brand-new transmission. While new transmissions are available for certain cars, their availability isn't always promised. Most of the time, you will often have to install a remanufactured or refurbished transmission as a replacement.


Transmission services can vary widely in cost depending on the auto repair shop, the nature of your transmission problem, and other factors. Most importantly, you should use the services of a team that you can trust. At Carencro Automotive Center, we understand transmissions, and we guarantee the quality of our services. For any transmission-related issues, please give us a call or visit today!