Vehicle Fluid Services in Carencro, LA

Your vehicle has many different fluids that help to protect vital components from overheating and corroding. Fluid is used to coat and lubricate parts of your vehicle to protect and clean them. Fluid will become low and/or dirty over time with use of your vehicle. If the actual chamber where a specific fluid in your vehicle is held is particularly dirty, a fluid flush is usually recommended. Fluids in general should be regularly changed based on your vehicle’s factory recommendations.

At Carencro Automotive in Carencro, LA, our ASE certified technicians can perform fluid flushes on all makes and models of vehicles. This includes your car’s transmission fluid change, brake fluid services, and power steering leaks and flushes. Let’s look at some of your vehicle’s most important fluids, and how often they should be flushed or exchanged.

Transmission Fluid FLush

A transmission flush removes the old oil and flushes new oil throughout the system to remove any buildup of dirt and grime and contaminants from the torque converter and cooler lines. Afterwards, new oil is added in. The new oil will continue to help transfer dirt from components and keep your vehicle running smoothly. A flush not only improves vehicle performance but can also help to increase the overall lifespan of your vehicle. Flushes are often an overlooked service, however they are simple services that can save you a lot of money over time. We recommend this service at least every 2 years, but the frequency depends on the manufacturer of your vehicle as well as your driving habits.

Brake Fluid Flush

Your vehicle’s braking system is hydraulic, meaning it uses brake fluid to create the force necessary for the brakes to work properly. Over time, air can enter into the brake fluid due to loose or corroded parts, which can decrease the effectiveness of your brakes. In this instance, a brake bleed may be necessary. Brake fluid may also need to be replaced after a certain mileage due to grime and dirt build-up. This service is typically recommended every 30,000 miles.

Power Steering Fluid Flush

Your car’s power steering system is also hydraulic, and uses power steering fluid to run smoothly. Without it, you would have a very hard time turning your steering wheel. Power steering fluid flushes are only needed every 75,000 miles or so, however, a power steering leak can also lead to low fluid and steering issues which will need to be repaired.

When you need a car fluid service in Carencro, LA, bring your car into the professionals here at Carencro Automotive. Give us a call with any questions or schedule your visit online today!